Saturday, March 26, 2011

Cat Media

I have never been a cat person. Until recently I thought they were gross, snobby, smelly creatures who with their actions were making social commentary on independent isolationist politics. Admit it, you see it too don't you.

However, as a Lady of Leisure, I am exploring things that make me uncomfortable and cats were on the top of that list. Yes, I said WERE because ladies and gentlemen, I am over my cataphobia and have made a complete 180. No i'm not running out to adopt a kitten, my dog would murder me in my sleep, but I have discovered, cat videos.

CAT VIDEOS may be the cutest, coolest thing ever. Not just because Cats do the darnest things (  But because there are entire TV shows (  and docs ( about ...cats. I'm not talking about lions and tigers in the cat family, but regular, run of the mill cats. Its amazing.

Not only that, but there are cat videos set to music!  ... I mean, there is a whole world of cat media  I was unaware with. No wonder these little buggers keep breeding. We secretly love them.

I have converted. I no longer hate cats.

Friday, March 25, 2011

life interrupted

Today I went in for a routine out patient surgery; a minor procedure to remove a cyst. Part of my new LOL mindset includes being healthier on every level and getting all of those routine exams that I never get because I'm always too busy to care of it. So, I went, found it and took care of it.

Although it was easy, quick and routine the pain is pretty substantial but with modern medicine you have all sorts of things to help you manage the pain. Its incredible how hundreds of years ago, people just died from routine appendicitis or cysts or root canals. Now, we have all these incredible things happening and people are getting face transplants. Face transplants! Mice grow ears on their back so that it can be given to someone who will actually be able to hear and dead people's eyes can be given to the living who can actually see. Its really incredible.

I was thinking of this very thing when I looked outside and saw a swarm of ambulances outside my bedroom window. There was a hit and run. The whole played out like an poignant scene in a film. They lifted the white sheet to have someone identify the body. She collapsed into the police car, but no tears from what i could see. Just shock.

I thought a lot about this woman today. Who was she? Was she a co-worker, was she a friend, just the lady at the deli? Did she know him a long time or had she just met him? Did they ever go on a date, did she know his favorite movie? I dont know why I didnt think so much about him. Maybe because he as gone, but I thought about the people getting the news throughout the day and about the driver who sped off in the middle of the day after he hit a boy on a bike in a busy, crowded intersection. You never know what people are going through. Maybe he was distracted or trying to get to a hospital for a family emergency, maybe he was otherwise impaired and didn't know, or maybe he was just cold. Who knows. All I know is that the woman who identified the body just had one of those life changing moments.

So how is this translating to my daily activities? Its even more clear to me now, that life can be short. Shorter than you expected. That poor kid probably had no idea when he brushed his teeth this morning that would be the last time he engaged in such a routine activity. So I ordered Mexican food tonight and watched my favorite soap opera and took comfort in the fact that the pain i'm feeling today will go away in the next couple days when I'll make it a point to enjoy a yoga class and a fresh mango. I'll make the effort to go sip a tequila and catch up with that friend I haven't seen in years. Baby steps.

Okay- my pain killers are making their way through my system and I'm exhausted. Good night everyone. Kiss your dog, kiss a stranger, hug your parents. We are incredibly lucky. I know I am.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Becoming a lady of leisure

After two years, I just left my talent booking job in television. I have been in talent booking for about ten years, but this is the first time in my work history that I am truly a Lady of Leisure. What makes a Lady of Leisure you might ask? Well, in the past when I have been unemployed, I have not had the chance to enjoy what it means to be a Lady of Leisure. I panicked, I searched mercilessly for job leads, I worried, I ate, I made myself sick over the prospect of where my next pay check would come from. Actually, in my last and only other unemployment period I also managed to end my marriage while I labored away on the unemployment line.

Two years later, here I am again, same situation with a completely different attitude. Instead of being unemployed, I am now, a Lady of Leisure. My calendar is actually filled with interviews, lunches, concerts, plays, doggy play dates, grocery shopping at the farmers market and all sorts of random things. My latest endeavor has been exploring my neighborhood. There are actually five dry cleaners within a two block radius. Five. There are about fifteen different food options for me in the same two block radius and I'm not even sure I counted the McDonald's on the corner since, now that I'm a Lady of Leisure, I don't do anything fast.

The kicker is that this month may be my only remaining lady of leisure month. To catch you up to speed, I've been traveling to Nicaragua and Los Angeles where my next job prospects seem to have popped up (though I am still evaluating my options - as a LOL should). So what will I do with my remaining month of freedom? EVERYTHING. Everything I have been putting off and too busy to do. I'm going to do Yoga every day. I'm going to go for a run, every day. I'm going to spend time with my dog and make time for my friends and family. I'm going to read books and finally finish writing the one I haven't been able to finish for the past two years. I'm going to play music and clean out all of the clutter in my life. I'm going to sing in the shower and make sure that I take those hour long showers. I'm going to pick up every one's phone call and take the time to listen, really listen and not just wait for the appropriate times to say "yes, no, sure, no way".

So that's the long and short of it! I'll keep you posted on all of my lady of leisure activities. For now, I'm starting with writing this blog and making a list of all the things I'd like to do in the next thirty days. On the calendar today? Signing up for trapeze class.  I also made a feast of a meal, went to confession and annoyed the priest with my version of sins vs non sins, cancelled my gym membership, counseled a friend and went for a run with Sabrina. Also going to dinner with an old friend and signing up for some free writing classes. Hell, I may even make a movie and not the night vision kind.  So much to do so little time! Ofcourse, there is always time to find time, when you are a lady of leisure.